Here is what I read from the RemObjects news group:

Note that REST isn't a standard, nor does it define any metadata format. The only thing REST specifies is that you use GET to retrieve data, POST to save it, PUT to insert it and DELETE to delete it. Besides that there's nothing that is specified at all.


Due to the lack of metadata or standardization for REST, this is a very complex subject.
Carlo Kok

We've been looking at a REST interface. As Carlo mentioned there is little in the way of standards and everyone seems ti implement their own. One of the simplest we've seen basically has the format

we've decided that the simplest way to implement this is through a standrad webbroker app which then links to a RO server.

The rest handling method, looks at the method name and calls this on the server, bit of a manual job at the moment but we are looking on at least creating an app to creat the code if you see what I mean.

The apikey is there to ensure that only valid users access the app.
Russell Weetch