Finally I've found how to put xml or html tags in the CodeHighlighter. Post has to be escaped,

So convert ">" into "&gt;", "<" into "&lt;" and so on...

I have found also good online tool with which this is much easier to achieve:

If I am writing Joomla! article without any text editor and if I want to show ";gt;", then I should write it like "&amp;gt;" :)

Just downloaded and installed it from here. You have to enabled it from plugins, and also, enable language which you want to use (Delphi is not enabled by default).


<pre class="brush:LanguageAlias"> 
  put your magic code here 

From here Brushes you can find here

If you are  receiving error like this:

Call to undefined method JException::setQuery()

Check connection to your database (if it is different then Joomla!).

If everything is ok, then try something like it is described here.

CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) is the name given to the four common data manipulation tasks.

The first thing we need to do in our class is to define the public properties. The public properties relate directly to the fields and must have exactly the same names. We use these properties as a 'buffer' to store individual records.

The second thing we need to do is to define the constructor. In order to use the JTable::getInstance() method, we must override the JTable constructor with a constructor that has a single referenced parameter, the database object.

The third thing we need to do is override the check() method. This method is used to validate the buffer contents, returning a Boolean result. If a check() fails we use the setError() method to set a message that explains the reason why the validation failed.

* #__myextenstion_foobars table handler
class TableFoobar extends JTable
/** @var int Primary key */
var $id = null;
/** @var string Content */
var $content = null;
/** @var int Checked-out owner */
var $checked_out = null;
/** @var string Checked-out time */
var $checked_out_time = null;
/** @var string Parameters */
var $params = null;
/** @var int Order position */
var $ordering = null;
/** @var int Number of views */
var $hits = null;
* Constructor
* @param database Database object
function __construct( &$db )
parent::__construct('#__myextension_foobars', 'id', $db);
* Validation
* @return boolean True if buffer is valid
function check()
$this->setError(JText::_('Your Foobar must contain some
return false;
return true;



$table->set('content', "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet");
$table->set('ordering', $table->getNextOrder());
if ($table->check())
if (!$table->store())
// handle failed store
// use $table->getError() for an explanation
// handle failed check
// use $table->getError() for an explanation

So, we have following methods:

set - set data in table
load - loads data from table
delete - delete records from table

Taken from book Packt Publishing Mastering Joomla 1.5 Extension and Framework Development.

Component you can download from here. Table you will must to create by your self.