If you want your news feed from Joomla! built in component to show in reverse order, then in components\com_newsfeeds\views\newsfeed\view.html.php between lines:

// items
$newsfeed->items = $rssDoc->get_items();

// feed elements
$newsfeed->items = array_slice($newsfeed->items, 0, $newsfeed->numarticles);


$newsfeed->items = array_reverse($newsfeed->items);

If you want front page radio button in backend of submiting articles be always on front page, then in administrator/components/com_content/controller.php instead of:

$lists['frontpage'] = JHTML::_('select.booleanlist', 'frontpage', '', $row->frontpage); 


if (!$edit) $row->frontpage = 1;
$lists['frontpage'] = JHTML::_('select.booleanlist', 'frontpage', '', $row->frontpage);

Taken from here.

Also, if you want front page radio button in frontend of submiting article be always on front page, then in \components\com_content\views\article\view.html.php instead of:

$article->frontpage = 1;


$article->frontpage = 0;

If you have problems embeding flash into your Joomla! site, try to disable Code cleanup:

Extensions->Plugin Manager->Editor - TinyMCE 2.->Code cleanup on save->Always

If you want your HTML code in the articles to keep clean, to keep your Indentation/Tabs/Space Policy (justification), then in plugins find TinyMCE plugin and set Code Cleanup on Save = Never