If you are receiving message like:


PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of ContentModelCategories::populateState() should be compatible with JModel::populateState() in \components\com_content\models\categories.php on line 19

Then in you PHP ini should be:


error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED

and restart your iis

Finally I've found how to put xml or html tags in the CodeHighlighter. Post has to be escaped,

So convert ">" into "&gt;", "<" into "&lt;" and so on...

I have found also good online tool with which this is much easier to achieve:


If I am writing Joomla! article without any text editor and if I want to show ";gt;", then I should write it like "&amp;gt;" :)

Just downloaded and installed it from here. You have to enabled it from plugins, and also, enable language which you want to use (Delphi is not enabled by default).


<pre class="brush:LanguageAlias"> 
  put your magic code here 

From here Brushes you can find here

If you are  receiving error like this:

Call to undefined method JException::setQuery()

Check connection to your database (if it is different then Joomla!).

If everything is ok, then try something like it is described here.