To write this article, I was using this web page. As as it is written there, first download msysgit, I downloaded msysGit-fullinstall-, after unzipping it start msys.bat if it doesn start automatically, and write following lines, one by one: 

cd ~
git clone git-ftp.git
cd git-ftp.git && chmod +x git-ftp
cp ~/git-ftp.git/git-ftp /bin/git-ftp

Now you can close window, and execute git-cmd.bat.

We have to set up our ftp. First go to folder which you want to synchronize, for example C:\gitTest\First, then set up ftp user and pass. For me it was something like this:

git config git-ftp.user ftpUser
git config git-ftp.url
git config git-ftp.password ftpPass


git ftp init

Now we can push:

git ftp push

And enjoy :)


if you are receiving error like:

error: could not lock config file .git/config: No such file or directory

Then do something like

mkdir .git
git config --global "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

and error message is gone. Taken from here


Also, it seems that before git ftp init we have to execute git init command


and if you are receiving error like:

fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD'

Then it seems that first you have to commit to your local git repository, something like I already described here.


To download to my local machine, first I had to copy my source with simple ftp client, then to repeat all previous steps to have git local repository... I couldn't find another way...

Also, when I already have repositories, after getting the source with ftp client then when I execute:

git ftp catchup

I will keep my history...


It seems that something like

git pull ftp://userName:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./myModule

should also work, except in my case...


Finally, this is my procedure how I am doing git for ftp:

git add . --all
git commit -m "Commit locally"
git ftp push

I don't understand why I have to execute "git add . --all" but without that my code will not be added to the git.

First download git for Windows. There are lot of git installations, I downloaded this one. After I created two folders, like First and Second, then I opened First folder in command prompt, like I described it here. Then in command prompt I executed command:

git init

After execution of that command I received message like:

Initialized empty Git repository in C:/gitTest/First/.git/

In notepad I wrote one text file, which had only one line "first", and I name it first.txt. Now I wrote:

git add .

Dot on the end means to everything what is in that folder, and after I wrote:

git commit -m "test"

Now we can go to second folder, and open command prompt from there, and write:

git clone c:\gitTest\First

Now you will see in your folder "Second" there will be folder First, with first.txt file. Now lets open file:


and write, for example, second, save and close the file in command prompt go to folder for example:


and write:

git add "first.txt"

after that:

git commit -m "test2"

Now lets go to first folder, and pull changes, that means in folder C:\gitTest\First in command prompt write:

git pull C:\gitTest\Second\First

Open file C:\gitTest\First\first.txt and see the magic.